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Special Songdogs

Wayne P. Sheehy ~ Bertram Engel ~ Robert Palmer (†) ~ Ronnie Wood ~ Ian 'Mac' McLagan (†)

Levon Helm (†) & Garth Hudson ~ Jon Smith & Steve Howard ~ Sonny Landreth ~ Martin Huch

Bobby Keys (†) ~ Charlene Howard & Shannon McNally ~ Max & Jessica Buskohl

Richard Comeaux ~ Xavier Naidoo ~ Nadeen Holloway

Wayne P. Sheehy

Wayne P. Sheehy / © Carl Carlton

At the moment we are working on a new short-biography about Wayne.

Meanwhile you can find out about Wayne at his website www.waynesheehy.com or at facebook www.facebook.com/wayne.p.sheehy

Bertram Engel

Bertram Engel / © Carl Carltonwas born on 27th of November, 1957 in Westfalia as Bertram Passmann. He began to play piano at the age of seven, but soon he was more interested in playing the drums. His first success he had in common with his brother Thomas as "Gebrueder Engel".
Betram is well-known as a "Panicer" of the band from Udo Lindenberg, and you can't think of Peter Maffay without Bertram as his drummer, he is one of the most popular drummers in Germany.
Through his friend Carl, with whom he understands himself in music as well as privately, he has also been a member of the Songdogs from beginning.
More about Bertram on the website: www.bertram-engel-production.de

Robert Palmer

Bertram Engel / © TapsiRobert (* 1949 - † 2003) was the "great-father" of the Songdogs. Without his persuasive power this great band would not exist.
Robert, an ingenious autodidact, was always looking for hidden and unspent musical attractions of other culture areas. Robert's last Album "Drive" is the inheritance of us all.
Lucky and love, understand & respect originate from his feather. And he also supported his friend Carl with his voice.
More informations about Robert on: www.robertpalmer.com

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Ronnie Wood

played for "The Faces" and with the "Rolling Stones".
Ron carries a medaillon, in which the following words are engraved:

Dear God, give me compsure to accept matters I can not change. And give me the strength and courage to change what can be changed and the wisdom to tell the difference!

More about Ronnie at: www.ronniewood.com

Ian "Mac" McLagan

Ian Mc Lagan / © Carl-carlton.netMac (* 1945 - † 2014) attracted attention first as keyboarder for "The Small Faces", which later became "The Faces". There he played together with Ron Wood. In his career as musician he played for Bob Dylan, Thin Lizzy, Bonnie Raitt and he was involved in productions for "Rolling Stones" and Bruce Springsteen. Today he is on stage with his own band named "Bump Band".
He also played with the Songdogs on both CDs.
More about Ian Mac you find on: www.macspages.com

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Levon Helm & Garth Hudson

"The Band" - this name says everything - unforgettable music history! Levon Helm (drums / * 1940 - † 2012) participated on both albums of the Songdogs and Garth Hudson played the keys on the first album.
More information about them: http://theband.hiof.no

Jon Smith & Steve Howard

These gifted musicians are not only on stage with Peter Maffay, but have also supported the Songdogs since the first album energetically with the saxophone (Jon) and the trumpet (Steve).
If you want to know more about these musicians "The Legendary White Trash Horns" just look on the website: http://home.flash.net/~showard1/

Sonny Landreth

The "Slide-guitar-god" contributed with his playing considerably to the sound of the two Songdog albums. Sonny played for John Hiatt, John Mayall and was also involved at the project "Begegnungen" of Peter Maffay. More about Sonny you can read here: www.sonnylandreth.com

Martin Huch

Martin Huch / © Carl Carlton(pedal steel, slide guitar, mandoline)
Martin was born in the year 1953 and began his musical career 1973 with "Lindener Spezial".
In the 70's he played for several bands. 1979 he developed his first important band, "Head over Heels". Although Martin hated Country-Music in the past - he fell in love with a Pedalsteel-Guitar.

In the 80's and 90's he predominantly worked with Heinz Rudolf Kunze (live and studio) and "besides" he had his own Countryband named "Lost Mavericks". He also played as studio-musician and author for "Wohnraumhelden", "Die Prinzen", Reinhard Mey and other musicians.
In the year 2003 Martin receives from Carl the offer to take up the steel- and slideparts and to play the mandolin and bouzouki on the up coming tour. Soon he got a part in the Songdogs-family and became one of the fans favourites. Martin Huch (the "Texasranger" from Hangover, Texas).

You want to know more about Martin? Have a look on his website: www.martinhuch.de

Bobby Keys

Bobby Keys / © Carl CarltonBobby (* 1943 - † 2014) was actually well known by everybody as saxophonist of the "Rolling Stones". And the Stones had priority over the Songdogs on the 2003-tour. So it wasn't until the 2004-tour when Bobby travelled with the dogs as well as playing on both CDs

Charlene Howard & Shannon McNally

"The Queens of Attitude" supported both albums of the Songdogs with backing vocals.

Max & Jessica Buskohl

Carls children from his first marriage, supported the CD "Revolution Avenue" with their vocals..

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Richard Comeaux

So far an unknown master of the pedal-steel-guitar from Louisiana - played with "River Road" and with the Lousiana Rock'n'Roll Band "Lil' Band O'Gold". He supported the Songdogs on the album "Love & Respect".

Xavier Naidoo

Mannheim has to offer more than still "the sons" - the exception singer Xavier. He supported the Songdogs with his vocals on the song "Love, Understanding & Respect". More about Xavier on his website: www.xaviernaidoo.de

Nadeen Holloway

this soul-singer is well known as "bee queen" from the musical "Tabaluga" from Peter Maffay. After her study (singing, dancing) she had commitments in New York and Connecticut and went to Europe in the year 1985. There she was on tour with Maffay, Lindenberg, Ochsenknecht and Carpendale. With her solo-project she entered the charts in Austria with a number-one-hit in the 1992/1993. Nadeen became a Songdog in the year 2004 - she gave the song "Instant Karma" (studio-version) of the new Live-CD a special touch with her voice.

Becoming well informed (by poring over rock-encyclopaedias, searching on the internet etc) of these musicians, it is now noticeable for the first time of how often the musicians named above paths have crossed throughout their careers.