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Discography - Maxi's

King Of The USA King Of The USA
(Release 02.11.2012, Staages)

1. King Of The USA - radio edit
2. King Of The USA - Long version

Available as download at:
AmazoniTunes / musicload.de

Note: because of storm "Sandy" there are some delays with the downloadlink, too many servers are down. So please be patient, the song will be available within the next hours at the stores.

EAN-Code: 4036703500130

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For What It's Worth For What It's Worth
(Release 24.10.2008, Ferryhouse)

1. For What It's Worth
2. For What It's Worth (GUA version feat. Emmanuel Jal & Roachie)
3. White Light reinhören in "White Light"listen

Only available as download!
order at musicload.de / 7digital.de

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Instant Karma Instant Karma
(2004, SPV)

1. Instant Karma (Radio Edit)
2. Sneakin' Sally
3. Let it rain
4. Instant Karma (Album Version)

Maxi-CD ONLY available for radio-stations for promotion.

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Days of Magic Days of Magic
(2003, SPV)

1. Days Of Magic (radio edit) 3:57
2. Love, Understanding & Respect (vers. 1) 4:49
3. Love, Understanding & Respect (vers. 2) 4:24

Maxi-CD at first only available for radio-stations for promotion. But now available on www.fanmarket.com !

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Coming Home
(2001, EMI)

1. coming home (radio version) 4:47
2. flowers on the wall 4:59
3. coming home (album version) 6.42

very rar!
Maxi-CD / Order-No. 724387909229