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Carl Carlton - Biography

was born as Karl Walter Buskohl on the 20th of April 1955 in a small village named Ihrhove (Ostriesland)
Carl / © CC
At the age of eight years Carl discovered the music and the feeling, to make music by himself. He learned to play the guitar and the drums although he didn't know that this would be the basis for his future. Carl stopped going to scool and went to sea. At that time he took the neccassery steps to give up his civil life and live for the music. First in Germany ("Emsland Hillbillies"), later in the Netherlands and in the USA ("Mink de Ville"). He got through all heights and dephts of the music-business and progressed to becoming an excellent guitarist, excelling himself in this area.

National as well as international he played for Nina Hagen, Wolfgang Niedecken, Joe Cocker, Robert Palmer and so on.
In 1983 he got into the "Panik Orchestra" of Udo Lindenberg, 1987 he joined the Maffay-Band, which he leaved in August 2005. Carl developed into a allround-talented man. He married and became a father. Besides his activity as guitarist for Maffay, he began to work as producer (for "Mothers Finest", Yothu Yindi, Peter Maffay) as well as musical leader of "Tabaluga" and emerged as first-class songwriter. His attempt to create a own band (1987 "Raiders of the last Corvette) succeeded, but later failed however because of lack of success.
top of site In 1990 he tried again with a band named "New Legend", but after two published CDs it failed again.

People thought - 'now he will give up' - but that's not correct, because: Carl is different. It was his friend and mentor Robert Palmer (deceased 2003) who packed Carl on his musician honour - and Carl tried again in the year 2000 with "Carl Carlton & The Songdogs". And this time he made it. With his friends he flew to the Dockside-Studios and played with them to create the album "Revolution Avenue". And this time with success! In the year 2002 "Love & Respect" developed in co-operation with his friends and colleagues, which throughout receives positiv criticism again. And this time Carl isn't only the employee guitarist - he is the front-man fulfilling his front-man role to its fullest and beyond.

Carl Carlton / Foto © BettiIn the year 2003/2004 Carl was "on the road" with his band, the Songdogs. On this tour - which was a great success - he was on stage for the last time with his friend Robert Palmer, who died through a heart attack some time after the tour.
In memories of Robert, Carl decided to record a Live-CD of the CaHoots & Roots-Tour. The CD, released in Sept. '04, got positive criticisms national and international.
If you think Carl now rests on his laurels - you're wrong. In honor of Robert Palmer carl played a song called "White Light" at the Maffay Open-Air-Tour 2005 (this was his last tour with Maffay). He composed this song to process the grief and losing of his friend. Apart from his work as successful producer, songwriter and studiomusician, also as "Paniker" (so are the members of the Lindenberg-Band called ) with Udo Lindenberg, Carl works on his dream-project "The Route", formed a company in the year 2005 and looks up for partners, supporting the project.
We all can looking forward to the album and the DVD about the route!

When you see, who plays with the Songdogs, you can see the musical quality and pure talent behind the music. The music is real and fulfilling to hear. When this type of music is being performed you can not only see but also feel the artists enjoyment they get from playing. And that is the reason, why more and more young people feel drawn to the Songdogs. suspect, which musical quality expects one. Friends, who make HANDMADE music, which still learned making music and you see the joy of them by making music. You can feel it. And that is the reason, why also more and more young people feel drawn to the Songdogstop of site.

Carl grows with his tasks and his dreams and his his dreams (and has already reached at 1,98 m ;-) ). He lives in separation of his second wife Natascha, together they have a son named Keanu. Carl has two more children out of his first marriage, Jessica and Max.

"Playing guitar will change your life, create friendships and give you love, it will heal wounds, support families, make people dance and be your life's philosophy!"
(Carl Carlton)