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"The Route" (Carl Carlton & The Songdogs)

A voyage of discovery to the African root of modern music

Two hundred years ago came the end of a most shameful period in history of which up to sixty million men, women and children were torn from their homes, never to return.
© www.tineacke.deOnly one good thing evolved from the evil of the Atlantic slave trade - a new music that ironically came to stand against wickedness and injustice, the music called "Rock and Roll".

Because the 200th anniversary of the end of the slave trade meets the 50th birthday of Rock'n'Roll, a rock-band will begin its voyage across the Atlantic along with TV-cameras to present these two events to a worldwide audience. The group will record a album during their journey, this journey is on the same route which brought the black man to that world, where his blues gave root to their music. Part of this voyage is a dedication to this memory, another part is decicated to the development of the music itself.
The Route is a documentary series, a lesson in history and geography, along with pirate spirit and Rock'n'Roll.... (more details will follow soon (when there will be a new document)

As a result of conditions of itinerary and arrange timetable has changed radically the route. As soon as possible we will show you a new document!).

top of site-- All aboard for the trip of your life! --

© www.tineacke.de"It is part of the gig for a musician like myself
make people aware of where things have
their roots.
Music does not materialize from
out of nowhere
(Carl Carlton)

(with friendly permission of: www.carl-carlton.de)

The Route - presented by Songdogs, Ltd.
an "art for amnesty"-Project

Find more information about the sailship at www.sir-robert.com

At the moment the complete course of The Route is still in the preparation stages and partly still in negotiations. There might be changes to the guest-musicians and to the locations! (note of the team carl-carlton.net)