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"Life behind the wall" (Carl Carlton / Pascal Kravetz)

The filmmusic for this documentary (4 parts) was written by Carl Carlton, Pascal Kravetz and markus Löhr. The title-song was steered by Udo Lindenberg at short notice, the maxi-CD has been available since 22.11.04

"Damals in der DDR" / "Life behind the wall"The four-part-series of "Life Behind The Wall" appeared on TV in November 2004 on the german TV-program "ARD" with the following parts:

- Part 1 - Rebirth through Russia
- Part 2 - Utopia behind the wall
- Part 3 - Plan and failure
- Part 4 - Party without people

Press-text about the documentary:

East Germany, the former GDR, is currently experiencing a kind of medial resurrection. East Germany themed shows present their stars in FDJ shirts, Wolfgang Becker's comedy "Good-Bye, Lenin" became a giand success at the box office.

The center piece was always the everday life and the experiences of the people in the Workers' and Peasants' State. Some of the anecdotes presented were surely brushed up with inevitable nostalgia, cliché and kitsch instead of knowledge and truth.

© www.looksfilm.tvLIFE BEHIND THE WALL begins just there. The series seeks to tell the broad history of East Germany through the lives and experiences of its people, who experienced it from a multitude of viewpoints. The series is committed to painting a broad picture of history through the individual's point of view. We want to dive into the everyday LIFE BEHIND THE WALL.

top of siteLIFE BEHIND THE WALL has unearthed footage beyond the all-too-often used propaganda films. Amateur films, pictures and documents show a different, more private view of East Germany.

LIFE BEHIND THE WALL, a co-production by MDR, WDR and LOOKS Film & TV premiers on November 8th 2004 as a four-part series on ARD, in time for the 15th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. The series continues 2005/2006 as a ten-part series on MDR, along with a two-part radio feature by WDR.

© www.looksfilm.tvLIFE BEHIND THE WALL is more than just a television project, because it tries to approach its audience from a multimedia perspective. A comprehensive website (www.damals-in-der-ddr.de) provides additional information. An accompanying book, written by the series's consultants, lets people discover more aspects of LIFE BEHIND THE WALL. DVD- and Audiobook Editions, as well as two- and a ten-part radio features on MDR and WDR seek to inspire curiosity about LIFE BEHIND THE WALL. The "Zeitgeschichtliche Forum Leipzig", presented by "Stiftung Haus der Geschichte", shows an exhibition starting on October 29th, 2004 in which the portrayed ways of life are documented and placed into their historical contexts through personal photos and documents of the time. This presentation is planned as a travelling exhibition.

LIFE BEHIND THE WALL is the work of a young team of authors, directors and scientists from East and West Germany. They promise a new, fresh look at forty years of living with socialism.

LIFE BEHIND THE WALL - what it really was like.

with friendly permission of © www.looksfilm.tv

top of siteThe filmmusic:

The filmmusic to this documentary is by Carl Carlton, Markus Löhr and Pascal Kravetz, composed in the year 2004. An extract from the music-list of part 2 can be seen in the following document:
musiclist GDR Live behind Walls
with friendly permission of © www.looksfilm.tv

The DVD to the series:

A DVD came out on the 08.11.04. The price is between 16,99 to 22,99 Euro. This DVD will contain the 4 parts of the film plus bonus material (the making of and background information).

The team got the Adolf Grimme-TV-Award and the Hans Klein-Media-Award for the soundtrack of Once upon a time in the GDR (Damals in der DDR-Looks Productions). Our congratulations for this!

Many thanks to www.looksfilm.tv for allt he material about the series!